FSGenesis new Terrain Mesh for FS2004

FSGenesis has begun the release of a new product line aimed at the many FS2004 aficionados still out there. This new product line is comprised of 19m (LOD11) terrain mesh (the highest resolution FS2004 will display) covering all US states and Canadian provinces that have significant terrain. These are compiled from the latest 10m NED data and 23m CDED data and have a vertical resolution of .5 meter.

All are download-only products and come with both manual install and auto installed options. Up to 20% quantity discounts are applied at checkout, or get access to unlimited downloads with a one-year FSGXpress subscription or Galaxy Lifetime membership.
Nevada, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, Colorado, and Wyoming are now available with further new titles coming online every day. Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, and California will be available over the next couple of days before we move on to Appalachia and New England, then on to the Canadian provinces.
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