Cielosim – Airport Enhancer HDX

Do you suffer with tired, dull, flat and plain old boring runways in FSX?  If you do, it could be worthwhile for you take a look at the new Cielosim’s Airport Enhancer HDX.  They promise you a two notch ‘drastic improvement’ on the default FSX textures, transforming how you interact with the Sim.

These new runway textures have been compiled from real life DSLR photographs and have taken several months of intense research.  Cielosim guarantee that you will see the most realistic taxiways, gates, jetways (air bridges), parking, and runways ever produced for FSX, and all rendered in superb high definition.

Don’t take my word for it head over to Cielosim or simMarket and let the screenshots convince you that is an add-on to fly for.

These are the Airport Enhancer HDX product features:

  • Runway Textures – Includes the most detailed runways ever seen in FSX at 4096×4096 pixels. A first for FSX!
  • Taxiway Textures -Includes a wide variety of ridiculously detailed concrete and asphalt textures.
  • Parking Textures – Includes extremely detailed airport parking spaces in numerous flavors.
  • Jetway Textures – Includes a two brand spanking new jetway textures so detailed that you can almost taste the smell of the jet-fuel stain that they feature.
  • Gate Textures – Includes brighter and more focused runway lighting along with a more natural airplane lighting system.  Includes a remade gate texture that is 4 times more detailed than the FSX default.
  • Marking Textures – Includes two new taxiway and runway marking tweaked to match those found in real airports.
  • Grass Textures – Features a state of the art, photoreal perfectly tiled grass texture.
  • Airport Sign Textures – Features tweaked and remade airport signs that match those found in airport around the world.
  • Surface Refraction (wet surfaces) – Includes a tweaked and much more realistic surface refraction texture that gives the runways and taxiways that perfect realistic wet look
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