Addictive Simulations – Pitts Special

Its official its The Pitts!! 😆

A new Pitts Special has just been released for sale, being developed by Daniel Dunn and David Chester. They have formed a software company aptly named, “Addictive Simulations back in 2004 and have released a Vickers V10 simulation back then and a Hawker-Siddeley Trident was added to the portfolio in 2005.

The current release aircraft, to give its full name, “PITTS SPECIAL S1-T” will fly in both FS 2004 and FSX.  A few screenshots are posted here.

The Pitts Special is a light aerobatic biplane and if this team have got it right you could be winning all of those virtual Red Bull Missions in FSX!   As they say on the website, “Buckle up and prepare for the ride.”

Pitts Special S1 – Unique Features:

  • Flight model verified by active Pitts pilots to ensure absolute realism.
  • Custom high-poly, low framerate modelling techniques that bring the aircraft to life without impacting your performance!
  • The FSX model features full bump mapping and specular lighting bringing every joint and rivet to life in vivid detail!
  • An accurate model of a real Pitts Special to ensure ultimate realism in the Sim.
  • Custom animations including an operable canopy, chocks and ties!
  • Three animated pilots, 2 male and 1 female!
  • An integral configuration manager that allows you to change animations on the fly without having to reload the aircraft
  • Six custom liveries crafted by industry supremo artist Daniel Dunn
  • Custom smoke trails let you paint the sky as you loop and roll!
  • Purists will welcome the detailed performance charts and checklists.
  • Spin, loop and twist as you achieve aerobatic heaven flying the Pitts Special S1 – the nimble aircraft that has won more aerobatic awards than any other!
  • Installer provides both FS2004 and FSX unique versions
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