Garmin – Synthetic Vision Technology

Garmin International has received a FAA supplemental type certification (STC) for Garmin Synthetic Vision Technology (SVTâ„¢), which integrates with the G1000 avionics suite. In the air, Garmin’s SVT displays, using information from a topographic database, and via the G1000’s PFD real-time 3D images of the terrain, flight hazards, buildings and traffic. SVT clearly differentiates between land, water and sky textures, so you always know which way is up! In effect SVT displays on a screen exactly what pilots would see outside the cockpit on a clear day, and so ensures safety even when flying in conditions of reduced visibility or at night. Will we get this modelled in FSX?

The G1000’s (1,024×768-pixel) XGA display shows the information with very clear resolution with wide viewing angles and excellent sunlight readability. The big point with the SVT is that it displays information in an effective manner so that pilots easily understand what they are seeing and feel at ease with the system.

SVT warns the pilot of typical ground hazards, such as terrain and other obstacles, enlarging the hazards as the aircraft approaches, and uses the appropriate TAWS alert colouring to alert the pilot. Another bonus is that if you have a G1000 installed with a TAWS-B enabled, you will also receive voice alerts after you have installed SVT.

SVT Features:

  • The SVT features increase safety of flight and help pilots fly with greater precision and include:
  • Traffic: TCAS traffic symbology represented in 3D that changes size relative to range
  • Flight Path Marker: Displays projected path of the aircraft
  • Zero Pitch Line: Clearly distinguishes aircraft’s altitude in relation to nearby terrain
  • Gridlines: Drawn on the terrain surface and enhances distance perception
  • Runways: Runway designations and thresholds are superimposed on terrain data;
  • Unique runway highlighting and enhancements improves runway visibility from a distance
  • Airport Signs: Depicts identifier of nearby airports
  • SVT’s pathways: Highway-In-The-Sky (HITS) guidance, for precision flying in all IFR procedures.
  • ILS approach procedures, and arrival and departure procedures, including precision glide-slope.

Garmin state: “SVT is expected to be available on G900Xâ„¢ equipped aircraft by July 2008 and on the G1000 King Air C90 retrofit in 2009. Integration of SVT into existing G1000 systems or yet-to-be-delivered G1000 equipped aircraft is being coordinated with each aircraft manufacturer. Additional information is available here.

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