FS2Crew Level-D B767 Expansion Pack

*FS2Crew Press Release*: Are you a Level-D 767 pilot? If so, please note that FS2Crew has released a new “Voice Commander” expansion pack for the FSX and FS9 Level-D 767 that adds a “Voice Controlled” flight, cabin and ground crew to the aircraft.

Says Bryan York, FS2Crew’s developer: “I designed a version of FS2Crew for the LDS 767 several years ago. It was very popular. However, since that time, FS2Crew has made numerous advances, most notably of which is that we now use Voice Control as the primary interface method for our airline crew simulations.”

Bryan continues: “The new Voice Commander Edition for the Level-D 767 allows users to simulate airline style flying from the perspective of the Captain/Pilot Flying with their Level-D 767. Everything about this product is 767 specific, and the procedures modeled are rooted in those used by a real-world UK based carrier. If you’re in the market for multi-crew simulation software for FSX and FS9, it doesn’t get much more realistic than this.”

A video showing what a typical flight using FS2Crew 767 Voice Commander is shown below.  Enjoy

Now available on simMarket!

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