The S.E.5A – A work of art in wood and canvas !

Press release from JustFlight : “The Royal Aircraft Factory’s S.E.5A is one of the best known and most successful fighter planes of the First World War. S.E.5A — Legends of Flight is a fantastic re-creation for Flight Simulator X that has been painstakingly put together and raises the bar for WW1 aircraft simulation.”

“The S.E.5A was built around the Hispano-Suiza and Wolseley Viper engines and it reached combat units in significant numbers from June 1917 onwards. Many of the most famous aces of the period including Ball, Mannock and McCudden were S.E.5A pilots and there were over 2,700 in service by the end of the hostilities.

The simulation includes nine aircraft to pilot in five versions with Hispano or Wolseley engines and two-blade and four-blade propellers. Exacting detail inside and out even includes modelled rivets and stitching on the fuselage.

Full details can be found here.

  • Each aircraft has unique markings and features a fully animated pilot, opening gun hatch and a Lewis gun which swings down on its Foster mount.

  • All rigging is accurately modelled, including the RAF aerodynamic rigging wire and round flying wires, bottle screws and fittings.

  • A unique technique provides a ‘canvas’ texture to the exterior finish and carefully researched colours have been applied in such a way as to replicate the unusual ‘colour change’ effect of the paint used on the S.E.5A.
  • Inspection windows in the wings and tail reveal the pulley gear for the control wires to ailerons and elevator.
  • Radiator shutters on the Viper variant operate from the cockpit and detail includes bungee cord ‘suspension’, correct Palmer AeroCord tyres and even tyre valves in the wheel covers.

The S.E.5A is now available exclusively from and is fantastic value at just

£19.99 / €24.95 / $29.99

SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS: Flight Simulator X, Windows 7, Vista or XP

MINIMUM HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS: PC with 3.0GHz or any dual-core processor, 1.0GB RAM. 256MB graphics card, 1.0GB hard drive space.”

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