FSFuel, a new online approach to flight planning

FSFuel is a new website that offers online flight planning and load sheet calculations. Users purchase a plan and gain access to a specific amount or time frame of calculations.

FsFuel is an innovative product which produces Computerized Flight Plans (CFP) and Loadsheets for virtual flights. Every real flight crew gets these in briefing room prior to departure. In simulated environment, however, up until now pilots had to manually prepare for their flights. It is a tedious process which not only requires a lot of time, but also very specialised knowledge. Some virtual pilots for this reason do not bother with flight planning.

This product performs most parts of flight planning process. It is the first of it’s kind on virtual aviation market and offers very advanced computations which can even be used for real—world flight planning.”

It’s available on simMarket (needless to say, grin)

Whether you are serious virtual pilot tired of manual flight preparations, or just starting out in virtual aviation and wishing to get as real as it gets — FsFuel will suit anyone.

FsFuel offers following features:

Aircraft—specific computations. Currently B737—300—400—500—800, B767—300ER, B747—400 and B777—200 are supported. Unlike in simplistic planners, we do not offer wide range of aircraft types and there is a reason for it. We carefully modelled performance of these aircrafts based on their real characteristics using manufactures approved data. FsFuel is the most accurate flight planning software in terms of performance calculations among other flightsim software. Calculations of FsFuel are comparable with real—world flight planning solutions and demonstrate almost identical level of accuracy. Computations of FsFuel are valid for Feelthere/WilcoPub, Level—D/Flight1, PMDG and PSS/JustFlight vendor aircrafts. Version of your simulator is indifferent for FsFuel — whether it is FSX, FS2004 or X—plane: computations universally apply to these simulators.

Fuel planning. Primary objective of FsFuel is to calculate fuel, but not in an isolated way as most planners do, rather taking into account wide range of factors including routes, alternates, contingency scenarios, flight levels, en—route winds and many other factors. Also, fuel planning algorithms of FsFuel comply with regulations of civil aviation authorities, e.g. U.S. Federal Aviation Authority and Europe Joint Aviation Authorities.

Time calculation. With FsFuel you know timing of virtually every phase of your flight, thanks to CFP format of presenting computations.

Flight levels and cruise speed regimes. FsFuel does not ask user to input flight levels and cruise speeds. In fact no flight planning software should request this data from user. FsFuel computes optimum flight levels and speed regimes. You will never find yourself cruising at sub—optimum flight level or Mach number.

Route—specific. You will not get vague computations — total figures, rather all computations are applied to the specific route of your flight, all of it’s waypoints. FsFuel provides an insight information for each flight leg.

Route export. Flight crews do not have to manually input route data into their aicraft’s FMCs, so why should you? Save pre-departure time for more important tasks. FsFuel converts routes for FMC import (Feelthere/WilcoPub, Level—D/Flight1, PMDG and PSS/JustFlight), as well as into other formats.

Loadsheet. You get detailed information of all kinds of weights at your fingertips. What is even more exciting is that in FsFuel you can set exact configuration (not only payload) of your simulator aircraft — this way computations produced by FsFuel will be fully applicable to your aircraft and your flight.

Such advanced computations require a lot of processor’s resources and that is why we decided to create this product as an on—line service. You do not need to download anything, rather you just access our server before departure and get your Computerized Flight Plan (CFP) and Loadsheet — much like real flight crews do when they access their company briefing servers. Our servers at are online 24/7, so you will never find yourself out of CFP for that time—critical flight mission. Our package also comes with extensive manual covering all aspects of FsFuel also containing valuable information on flight planning. Our team of dedicated professionals will be prompt to answer any of your questions.

FsFuel offers flexible pricing. You can either purchase credits access, meaning that every computation will cost one credit, or unlimited access over a fixed period of time.

Credits access. 15 credits at 8 EUR;
Credits access. 45 credits at 20 EUR (16% discount);
Unlimited access. 1 month at 8 EUR;
Unlimited access. 3 months at 20 EUR (16% discount).

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