1.014 version for Rise of Flight: The First Great Air War is released

This update brings some more changes, fixes and enhancements to the sim. It’s not a huge update, but it brings us one step closer to our ultimate vision.  Some of the improvements found in 1.014 are : Shadows and Shaders. Shadows – New Shadows setting added for NVidia 4xx users. If you have other video cards we recommend using Standard mode for shadows. Shaders — Setting the quality of Shaders to Low will allow a performance boost for weaker systems. Average settings were transferred from the 1.013 update. The High setting will allow you to see the new water animation and lighting.

FPS Limitation — Is designed to help you adjust the optimal FPS ratio for your system in the game. It will also be useful for video capturing. The picture will be smoother with a FPS setting in the game equal to that of the video capturing application.

Post Effects (On/Off) — We returned the option to turn Post Effects on or off. This will make the picture more simple thus boosting the overall performance if needed.

Wingman Command GUI – During flight you will be able to use a revised Widget Menu (Click Right Mouse Button) that features new Flight Leader Commands. Key shortcuts will allow you to manage your wingmen during the flight. For example “WIN + 2” reveals the section of main orders. If you press “WIN + 1” next, you will order your wingmen to cover you. For screenshots press “WIN + H” this will hide all GUI elements from the screen.

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