Instrument Pilot’s Survival Manual – 3rd Edition by Rod Machado

Rod Machado the guru pilot and raconteur has released the third edition of his,Instrument Pilot’s Survival Manual”. Rod is extremely well known in the aviation world, he oversees the flying lessons in FSX, and he has published several texts on aviation, as well as having regular columns in such esteemed aviation journals such as the ‘AOPA Pilot magazine’ and ‘Flight Training Magazine’.

In my own library I have 3 of Rod’s texts and have found them invaluable in helping me become knowledgeable in flight simulation.  If you want to know anything about instruments whether you are a real world pilot or like me a simmer, then the ‘Instrument Pilot’s Survival Manual’ is for you.

Rod has a unique style of writing and together with his humorous drawings the nett effect is a clear communication of the message to the reader.  Rod has also published CD’s and DVDs the titles including, ‘Aviation Humour’, ‘Defensive Flying’ and ‘IFR Flying Tips & Techniques’.

The third edition covers:

  • Everything you wanted to know about thunderstorms and how to avoid them!
  • Icing avoidance using radar!
  • Knowledge on how the IFR system works and the best way to use it!
  • Visibility estimation at Decision Height or Minimum Descent Altitude!
  • Increasing the efficiency of instrument scan and reducing cockpit workload!
  • Interpreting and using the symbols on approach charts!
  • Interpreting GPS approach charts!
  • The best way to fly GPS approaches!
  • The differences between GPS approaches and regular instrument!

. . .and wait there’s more, much more in fact as every instrument in the cockpit is covered!!

In my opinion the chapters on GPS navigation are excellent for flight simulation, giving a comprehensive overview of this current navigation technique, and justify the cost based on this alone. The book and ebook is available from here.  A 25 page excerpt can be found here.

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