Frankfurt24 – ATC ’round the clock! Open 24 hours

VATSIM Germany would like to invite you to one of the most popular events on 11 and 12 September 2010.

Frankfurt24 will offer you a fully staffed Frankfurt airspace for more than 24 hours, between 9:00 UTC and 13:00 UTC of the next day.”

“We will provide the finest ATC service live from our control centre on the premises of Mannheim Airfield.

Lots of traffic and full ATC coverage will guarantee another 1st class VATSIM event for pilots and controllers.

You are very welcome to join us!

For further information, feel free to visit our event page.

In order to be prepared and familiar with the procedures of Frankfurt’s airspace, we highly recommend you to visit our event page for the latest charts and inbound or outbound routes. Please read the information very carefully.”

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