VATIL 10th Control Room Event

Ittai Arnon wrote : “Our Division, VATIL, is proudly presenting it’s 10th Control Room Event. VATIL is the ISRAELI Division of VATSIM.

The event will be from 21Sep 13:00z till 25Sep 17:00z providing 100hrs of none-stop live ATC coverage over ISRAEL.”

“We gathered all our division ATC controllers under one roof. building GND, DEL, APP/DEP and CTR positions as well as TOWER view !!!

We welcome all pilots to participate in our event, promising a high quality ATC coverage

I would like to publish our event in your website as well, as it a good place for all simmers to see.

This is the event link :

I’m sending you our logo and some pictures of our previous events:
You tube clip of 2008 event :”

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