Ship Sim Extremes: new core campaign gameplay video

“We have released a new video highlighting the Core campaign of Ship Simulator Extremes.

This new gameplay video focuses entirely on the Core campaign, which is one of the 3 campaigns in the game.”

“The core campaign is the campaign tailored for the true core maritime & ship fanatict that wants to master every aspect of captaining a motorized vessel.
Other campaigns in the game are the “Tourist Tales campaign” and the “Greenpeace campaign”.

Running close to 4:00 minutes, the Core campaign gameplay video gives players an impression of some of the missions in the campaign as they take on the most challenging tasks captains can face, ranging from towing huge cargo vessels into port, to taking on an oil rig fire & participating in rescue operations. 

To take a look at this Core campaign gameplay video, go to […].

You can also take a look at the other Ship Simulator Extremes videos as well!”

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