Flight Illusion Force Feedback Yoke is out

Flight illusion is launching the long awaited force feedback yoke, available in a version for general aviation and a second one for airliners.

The GA yoke features a real aviation metallic yoke (homebuilt airplanes) with a trim button and a PTT button.”

“This PTT button can be programmed to be working with on-line flying programs like IVAO or VATSIM.

The second yoke features a resin moulded 737 yoke with trim buttons, PTT and autopilot disconnect button. The forces are applied by 2 strong motors. The shaft extends 19 cm (7.5 inch)  and has a left and right deflection of 90° in each direction.

The force feedback code is generated the Flight Illusion software, taking into account data extracted from Flight Simulator ( velocity, wind and movement of the plane). Hence, the user will feel the bumps on the runway, the gust in the clouds and the higher force load when diving. All parameters can be tweaked in order to generate custom files that are unique to the type of aircraft you are flying.

The software can function in different modes, reacting like a spring mounted yoke or reacting to forces during flight. The yoke can be linked to the autopilot and will mimic the movement of the plane. Like in a real aircraft, the autopilot will disconnect if a force is applied to the yoke whilst in autopilot mode. A second yoke can be connected and both yokes will function as if mechanically connected to each other. The yoke being handled will be in master mode, while the other is in slave mode. When the co-pilot takes control, the forced applied by him will trigger a switch in master/slave mode.”

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