FS Magazin 6/2010 issue

If you read German, this Press Release is about FS Magzin : “Autumn is coming fast with low temperatures, foggy and rainy days.

Finally the time for carefree simming on PC is back as well for reading.”

“What a luck that FS MAGAZIN 6/2010 will be released an Thursday, October 7th, 2010. Excerpt for the contence:

News Flashes

– about FS X, FS 2004 and X-Plane

– plus an interview with the airplane designer Benedikt Stratmann


– Three countries, three cities, one airport: LFSB Bale Mulhouse

– Un Aeropuerto magnifico: Mega Airport Barcelona

– What a steep piece of software: Gibraltar X

– Phantasy is back: Andras Field


– The Beau from Bueren: Airbus X is taking off slowly

– Good basics: Quality Wings’ Ultimate 757 Collection

– Finally made very well: Cessna O-1/L-19 Bird Dog

– Caution addiction: Pitts S-1 Special made by Addictive Simulations

…the exclusive simFlight pages with “Pretty Approaches” und “What the scene affects”


– We’re in the know: Visibility and Ceiling


– Bodenständig in Kärnten: Austrian Flight Simulator Union


– The military next Topmodel: F/A-18E Superbug X Have much fun reading the autumn issue of FS MAGAZIN!”

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