Mega Euroshuttle Heathrow-Frankfurt

“Take off clearances every three minutes, an endless chain of landing lights up to the horizon, and situations so busy that they give you a feeling of controlled stress in the air and on the ground.

This is a description of the mood that you can only encounter at the world’s busiest airports, ones like London-Heathrow and Frankfurt/Main.”

“On that evening both mega airports will be connected to each other by one of the most famous events on VATSIM: the Mega Euroshuttle Heathrow-Frankfurt.
You can expect fully staffed airports in Heathrow and Frankfurt, full enroute ATC coverage and airways that are on the verge of igniting from the rush of traffic that they will have to carry.

A co-operation between VATUK and VATSIM Germany, makes an event that will take ATC to its limits, possible. Only perfectly prepared pilots and controllers will be able to cope with this kind of traffic flow safely.

Sunday 17 October 2010, the Mega Euroshuttle Heathrow-Frankfurt will take place between 1800 and 2100 Zulu, giving pilots enough time for a return flight.”

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