SP2.5 released for Flight1 Fokker 70/100

The Service Pack 2.5 has been released by Flight1 for their Fokker 70/100.

It will fix the “Windows 7 compatibility for the Load Editor, plus it includes improved font handling” according to Steve Halpern’s note in Flight1 forum.

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  1. I have the boxed copy, installed in FS9.

    Does this service pack only applies to FS9/FSX running in a Windows 7 operating system?

    Why is it necessary to back up all the aircraft.cfg files?

    Since each FS9/FSX installed aircraft has its own .cfg file, is there a “global” way to back up all these files?

  2. Still no VC…glad I didn’t buy this with thier “promise” to build a true FSX airplane…

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