Imagine Sim Releases WSSS Singapore for FSX

Cal Lewin of Imagine Sim is one of the developers who still delivers its new products for both FSX and FS2004. It is known to be easier to develop the FS2004 version first, and then to adapt it for FSX, than the contrary.

That’s why the FSX version of WSSS Singapore Changi has just been released, three months after the FS2004 version. He sent us this press release below.

“Following on from their FS2004 release Imaginesim has released Singapore International for FSX. WSSS Singapore Changi is an essential transport hub, lying at the very heart of the Far East with an unmatched network of true global reach.

The city of Singapore is the economic powerhouse of the South China Sea and is the world’s foremost logistical centre. It’s likely that the very computer you are using at one time passed through the city’s port.

This scenery features custom made ground textures and runways, terminal, cargo and hangar buildings rendered to 5cm per pixel scale, an interactive docking system to park you right on your mark, taxiways with highly realistic concrete textures, full airport taxiway and runway signage, custom 3D approach lighting and full ILS navigation.

Also included are hundreds of airport vehicles and ground personnel, aircraft can be found parked at custom textured parking positions, all hangars, cargo and airport auxiliary buildings are modeled, there is even a perimeter fence under the steady gaze of security cameras.”

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