Microsoft Flight video #2

Microsoft Games Studios mounted a new teaser video, Webisode 2 ‘Lift’, about Microsoft Flight.

There’s certainly a part of the whole mistery to be revealed, we are now investigating which one.

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  1. i agree. the video could be done with fsx. i can t see what should be new about that…

  2. Love the way the aircraft slides to the left when the pilot is doing the flight surfaces check, that’s still FSX I’ll put money on it, they still haven’t worked out ground handling yet.

  3. It doesn’t surprise me that Microsoft is at least looking at the creation of a new flight sim program. They know that if they don’t do it, someone else will and will probably offer it with open source.

  4. Hi!

    I thing that’s FSX because this: Prepar3D from Lockheed Martin — a new experience?.

    Does you think if MS make a new simulator, so whi Lockheed maka all this work?

    sorry about my english.

  5. In this video it certainly looks like FSX with a slightly tweaked graphic engine… After all the ex-ACES people had to archive all the FS material… I doubt MS is designing a graphic platform from the ground up for this tentative,… I suppose it’s a tentative to keep the title in the market somehow against the upcoming XPlane 10…

  6. But FSX visuals with slightly better shadowing and a massive processor overhead isn’t going to cut it, really, isn it Nick? They’re going to have to pull something better out of the hat than that.

    I’m still in the “wait and see” bracket, but these little videos, IMO, are pointless. Wait until you have something half worth watching to show that’ll make people go “wow! I need that!” rather than “Yeah, and?”

  7. Have to say that this has nothing on flying my A2A Cub in Tongass Fjord X. Can’t see a reason to buy Flight at this point.

  8. Is this a joke? Those graphics looks no better than FSX. Microsoft is just going to repackage a light version of FSX and only sell it via windows live?

    What a shame, so much promise and then this….

    Well good news for us, the developers can just keep on creating for FSX as at this point, I see no reason it’s any thing new.

  9. My opinion about this…i think Microsoft did that video on purpose to people dont get tooooo suprising cose they´re planning something really different(i hope),it´s market estrategy like hardware.

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