HJG Autumn/Fall Website Update !

Mark Cranston sent us a press release about the Historic Jetliners Group website updates, relevant for fanatics of the classic / era aircrafts. Enjoy their dynamic website offering a lot of high quality freeware files to download.

“Presenting HJG’s end of Summer website update …. and a fabulous flightline full of new and upgraded files for FS2004 and FSX and the Fall of 2010.
The latest textures for HJG’s new classic/modern hi-tech B717-200 include…”
“3 variations of the “Flowing Theme” liveries recently applied to the aircraft of worlds latest operator of the type ….the Finnish feeder for a major Scandinavian airline alliance.
New HJG textures for VISTALINERS B727’s include…
4 variations of identity supported by aircraft flown by a major Venezuelan operator during the 1980’s and 1990’s era; And a selection of 6 color schemes spanning the 1960’s, 1970’s, and 1980’s representing a major but no longer existent classic/historic US carrier …. among which its attractive 1964 delivery scheme is also included …all for the early production B727-100.
And for the early production B727-200 ….a selection of 7 variations of color scheme supported by aircraft flown by a classic but no longer existent US/Miami based airline from history and spanning the 1970’s and 1980’s …including its 1976 US B
icentennial logo and late 1980’s Shuttle division; And the attractive gold/black/white livery of a prominent Mexican operator …and featuring its 1981 60th Anniversary logo.
The early 1980’s identity of a major carrier from France; 3 variations of color scheme spanning the 1980’s and 1990’s representing a prominent airline from Venezuela; The attractive late 1990’s livery of a lesser know and short-lived French tourist/charter operator; The late 1990’s identity of an aircraft operated by the now no longer existent low-cost/air charter division of a major shipping/cruise line; A selection of 7 variations of color scheme supported by aircraft flown by a no longer existent classic/historic Miami based US carrier …spanning the 1970’s, 1980’s, and 1990’s, and including its Shuttle division; The colorful livery of an aircraft operated by a prominent Mexican airline … and featuring its 1996 75th Anniversary logo; And the late 1970’s red/white identity of a major but no longer existent historic US/California based operator …all for the ADVANCED B727-200.
And for the ADVANCED B727-200F freighter …the current attractive color scheme of a prominent cargo carrier from Colombia ….featuring its 2010 40th anniversary logo; And a rare freighter from Venezuela and recent times.
And to conclude HJG’s latest texture releases for the VISTALINERS B727’s ….
The current livery of a major airline from Venezuela …for the rare B727-200 RE SUPER 27.
New textures for the HJG DC8’s include…
3 variations of identity featuring rare DC8-50F aircraft flown during the 1990’s by a no longer existent Colombia cargo operator.
New textures for the HJG DC9’s include…
2 variations of color scheme representing lesser known aircraft currently flown by a US/Texas based PAX/freight charter carrier ….for the freight configured DC9-10F/15F.
And for the DC9-20 …2 examples of 1980’s livery featuring aircraft operated by a prominent Scandinavian airline.
2 examples of 1980’s identity supported by aircraft operated by a major Nordic operator …for the DC9-40
And for the DC9-50… a single rare example of an aircraft featuring the 1980’s color scheme of a major Scandinavian/Nordic carrier concludes latest texture releases for HJG’s DC9’s
New HJG textures for the AFG CARAVELLE’s include…
The 1959 delivery scheme for an aircraft operated by a prominent airline from Brazil …for the CARAVELLE 1/1A
For the CARAVELLE 3… the early 1960’s livery of a major Brazilian operator.
2 variations of 1970’s identity for aircraft operated by Brazil’s 2nd oldest air carrier; And 2 variations of classic/historic color scheme for what was once Brazil’s largest airline prior to its 1965 demise …for the CARAVELLE 6R
“PERFECTION AND IMPROVEMENT” are always an integral part of HJG’s work in FS. Therefore the following revisions/updates are included within this latest website update…
All 4 versions of HJG DC9-10/15 panels ….and… both versions of HJG DC9-20 panels have now been updated to incorporate further corrections/improvements. To facilitate this a new/updated HJG DC9 PANEL GAUGES/CORE FILES package has also been released …along with updated Aircraft Base Packs for the HJG DC9-10/15 (PAX version) …and… HJG DC9-10/15 (freighter version).
Please refer to todays HJG website update notice (see the “NEWS & ANNOUNCEMENTS” forum page) for clear and specific information/details regarding these Panel, Gauges, and Base Pack updates.

The following texture enhancements are also now available…
Improved 1993 and 1996 VIASA VENEZUELA colour schemes for B727-200 ADVC aircraft; And updated 1992 and 1993 ATC COLOMBIA DC8-50F liveries.

“ALL THIS ….. AND A GREAT DEAL MORE” …. is now currently available for “FREE” FS enjoyment and from the HJG website at following address…

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