Ariane – Boeing 737-700ER X2

The latest 737NG package from Ariane, the 737-700ER x2 Base Pack, has been made available at simMarket.com.

Among all features, you’ll recognize the HUD, weather radar, and other static effects. Also exists, the airline upgrade pack, featuring ANA gold, ANA blue, Privatair, BCA, and the roll out factory option, pre-painted zinc edition.

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Dave Steele
Friday, January 28, 2011 01:42

Ariane has terrible customer service. You order a downloadable product, they charge your card (a very high price I might add) and then it take forever to get the product. Ariane needs to get up to speed with the times. If you post you have a downloadable product, then when someone buys it, they should be able to get it. Not wait 48 hours for it. I had no desire to wait that long. Seems petty, but when I buy it, I want to fly with it. You buy from PMDG, you get it. Flight One, You get it. And… Read more »

Bob Y
Wednesday, November 10, 2010 00:07

Hello Ian, If the actions of Ariane effected you in a negative way in the past, then I can understand your personal anger toward them, but 90% of the people that bash Ariane as a developer, have had very little actual experience with them at all. They are just repeating what they have heard so that they can also be an accepted part of a popular social club. I only judge Ariane on their what they develop for FSX and FS9, their support and their prices. I know nothing about their personal lives, whether they are true to their wives… Read more »

Ian P
Monday, November 8, 2010 23:42

To put things in context, yes, Ariane’s models have improved massively over the years and the reviews that I have read of their most recent ones have generally been favourable. They almost certainly do have a good product and their customer service has, according to some people I trust, improved markedly. The cost of their products has also dropped significantly – long gone are the days when you bought an external model, then had to buy a number of other packs to even make it usable with a total cost running to well over £100 or $200, at the time.… Read more »

Monday, November 8, 2010 23:35

I’ve been enjoying reading the post’s above and see where the anger lies. I’ve been burned myself by believing what’s on the box or written by the marketing bods. If a product is so fantastic, then simply have it available as a timelimited download with an unlock key supplied on purchase. I recently downloaded a sample/demo 767 from a disk supplied on the front of a mag. When run it was rubbish compared to my LVL767 which I fly regularly. If I’d purchased said sim I would have felt cheated as I would have trusted the blurb. You comment to… Read more »

Monday, November 8, 2010 22:24

This is again, an announcment of a new product, not a public burn of Ariane. This is not the appropriate place for that.