TropicalSim – 2 new airports bundles

simMarket now sells 2 new airports bundles from TropicalSim. In 26 Airport FSX bundle, you get sceneries of all America including Caribbean, but also of Europe (Porto, Bahamas, Panama, Brazil..).

While in Caribbean 13 airport FSX pack, you will get Aruba, Cancun, Punta Cana sceneries among others.

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  1. Purchased the product not too longer ago. All airports are great except one, Canefield TDCF. Normally I can fly FSX with a framerate of 40 or above with my i7 930 PC with GTX285 display card. When I am on the runway of Canefield, framerate drops to 2 to 5, and FSX
    stutters tremendously within the airport. As soon as I leave the
    runway or the airport, everything comes back to normal.

    Contacted TropicalSim for supports for many times. Not a single reply from them. There is no after-sales service at all!

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