Frankfurt Overload on Saturday November 20th.

Pilots on VATSIM, note that date : Saturday November 20th. Their network will attend you for 6 hours in Frankfurt, and they’re expecting a lot of traffic, without slot or aircraft constraint.

  • “You are not in the mood for slots?
  • Following tight time schedules make you nervous?
  • You want to choose YOUR own callsign…the aircraft of YOUR choice?”

“Then you mustn’t miss the next edition of Frankfurt Overload!

Serve YOUR favourite destination with YOUR aircraft, choose YOUR time of flight and bring Frankfurt, Germanys busiest airport, to its limit.
There are NO slots, NO flight schedule and NO aircraft constraint.

We will make sure this works for you! Experience the action from the ground up to the thinnest layers of airspace because more TRAFFIC, TRAFFIC, TRAFFIC is what Frankfurt Overload is known for!
More controllers, more positions and 6 hours of full air traffic control!

Just set your mind free, turn up an FLY!
Every generation needs a challenge and today’s challenge is:

Frankfurt Overload 2010 on Saturday, November 20, 2010 from 1700 until 2300 UTC.

Visit the Frankfurt Overload 2010 event home page and read the information very carefully:

Frankfurt | EDDF:

Frankfurt | EDDF: (FS9, Freeware) (Aerosoft Frankfurt Mega Airport FS2004 & FSX)

Please use the current AFCAD file to ensure that you can capture the correct ILS frequencies:
FS2004 Freeware:
Mega Airport FS2004:
Mega Airport FSX:

From Frankfurt:

To Frankfurt:

__________________________________________________ _________________

Some members of our ATC team will be meeting near Frankfurt and provide you with the finest ATC from our Control Centre in Kleinostheim.

We are looking forward to your visit!

RG Frankfurt – VATSIM Germany

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