FranceVFR – Next Mesh Europe

Less than a month ago, FranceVFR released Next Mesh France. Today, their Europe Mesh completes the French one, but it’s a stand alone product so you grab the one you need.

“France VFR is happy to announce you its latest release of the new Next Mesh Europe Part 1 for download. This new Next Mesh Europe is produced in a high resolution of 4.75 m/pixel for FSX and 19 m for FS2004 that positioned as a large cradle around France containing the following countries…“South England, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, East and South of Germany, Switzerland, Western Austria, Northern Italy, Sardinia Island, Balearic Islands and Northern Spain.

Download price:

FS2004 : 34.90 €

FSX : 39.90 €

Upgrade to FSX: 19.90 €

DVD (FS2004/FSX) : 49.90 € (available : End Novembre 2011)”

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