Full voice control with PMDG 747 and Level-D 767

A nice combination for exact realism in airliner simulation is a top notch aircraft add-on with a voice control utility.

“The latest implementation of Multi Crew Experience (MCE) allows full voice control with PMDG 747 (both FSX and FS9 versions).

Finally, and thanks largely to hard work done over the years to  implement our own interface to the simulator, we are able to bring voice control to the beast. Until now it was deemed impossible task”.

“Besides the PMDG B747, MCE also works well with the Level-D B767 and many, many more third party aircraft add-ons, not to mention the default ones.

It’s also the only add-on that permits voice interaction with native ATC and Radar Contact ATC. By that we mean proper interaction and not just taking chances on the ATC menu by sending keyboard key commands.

A free fully working time limited Demo is available from this link :”

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