FSX Impact — Sandforce SSD Controllers SATA III development

Sandforce a company which produces controllers for several SSD drives has intoduced its new SATAIII controller, namely the SF-2000 Series (SF-2500 & SF-2600)

The SF-2000 controller using  SATA III (6Gb/s) promises sustained sequential Read and Write speeds ≥500 Mb/sec.  This is up to twice tthe speeds of the current SATAII driven SSDs.  Sandforce state that the new controller should be capable of up to 60,000 IOPS (Input Output Operations per Second).  SSD’s using this new controller will be bigger, up to 512GB, can use 32nm Toshiba NAND flash (and 20nm NAND Flash) and should be available early next year.

This should make the loading of FSX textures a lot faster and smoother ( No promise of an increase in frame rates).

For the uninitiated this is a news item!

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