A new way to view FSX – in the future – Laser Projector

Two companies, Uniden (ULP 1000) and Microvision (ShowWX) have recently released a laser projector, which naturally uses a laser rather than a lamp to project the image.  Aimed squarely at iphone, ipod etc users and business users with laptops it could, once developed fully, be an alternative way of immersing the simmer in FSX.

The projector is about the same size as an iphone and weighs in at an astonishing 122g.  At this time it only offers a 2 hour viewing time before requiring a battery recharge and its screen resolution is only 848 x 480 but a HD version is being developed.  At present its limited connectivity would make it less than ideal fro FSX.

Because it is a laser the colours are vibrant and intense (about twice of an LED/LCD)  and it never needs focussing as the image is sharp over the viewing range (150mm to 2500mm at a 16:9  aspect ratio) remaining sharp when projected on curved surfaces.  It connects to a computer via a VGA 1000 dock so we in the simmer world need to wait for a DVI-D/HDMI dock.

Prices vary on line but are in the range $US300 – $US600.  Can’t wait for the HD version and better connevtity!

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