A New Sim? Or Just a Rebranded Sim?

If you’ve been around the FS sites recently, you’ve probably seen some advertisements or discussion of a “new” flight sim called, variously, “FlightProSim”, “FlightSimPro” or “Pro Flight Simulator”. It’s advertised as being a direct competitor for the existing mainstream flight simulation titles, with a number of quoted user testimonials, claims and statements.According to its own website, “This is the Game Flight Fans have Been Waiting for…”

So is it?

Well. That’s up to individuals to decide, of course, but before heading out and paying almost $50 for the product, you may wish to read this article at the wiki for well-known Open Source simulation package, FlightGear.

According to the FlightGear wiki article, “Investigation by a number of the FlightGear developers has found no difference between this and the FlightGear v1.9.1 release other than a change of name.

They go on to say that there has been no support to the FlightGear project from the publishers of FlightProSim. Selling the product, however, is not illegal as the GNU General Public License, under which FlightGear is published, does allow the software to be sold. What is much more open to question is the extremely dubious marketing and claims being made by the publishers of FlightProSim.

FlightProSim’s website offers a 60-day money back guarantee on the download version, but if you want to try it without the need to pay, version 2.0 of FlightGear is available to download for free.

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  1. If you do a quick search for this commercial product under its various names, you’ll find a number of “reviews” – mainly by someone posting under the same name – some of which are entitled “Is it a scam?” before going on to say that no, it isn’t, it’s a brilliantly amazing new sim that everyone must have.

    It has achieved one thing, though… It’s shown me how much FlightGear has improved since I last looked at it! I need to download it and take a look as soon as I get opportunity to do so. 🙂

    And yes, before anyone comments, we are aware of the double post. That’s my fault. Sorry!

  2. The original is from Flightgear and its freeware. So why whe have to pay for freeware ? ;). I think the way how FlightProsim is acting is not nice!

  3. Recently i have purchased Flight Pro Sim and they have added some new features than flightGear and these is realy good work if i say it honestly..reply me for more..

  4. Please enlighten us.

    I’ll be honest, I’m far more inclined to believe the (unpaid, nothing really to lose) developers of FlightGear that it is absolutely identical to their earlier release, than someone posting a comment stating features have been added without listing a single item.

  5. “Gorge Muller” is obviously a sock-puppet. I’ve been reporting these jerks for quite a while on the “proflightsim” facebook scam pages.

    Please, if you see a Facebook page advertising this, please take the time to report the page as a scam. If you’ve got time, check out the folks that “like” the page – most (if not all of them) are sock-puppets and should be reported to FB as “doesn’t represent a real person”.



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