News from Le Mondial of Simulation

On the 27th and 28th November the fifth edition of the Le Mondial of Simulation was held at the headquarters of the Museum of Air and Space in Paris at Le Bourget airport in which various organizations and companies displayed their products to the public.

In the  exhibitors section, some well known companies were represented: Aerosoft, Saitek, nVidia, Thrustmaster, MicroFly. Etc. Aerosoft presented a wide range of software / hardware, offering special prices in the event; Saitek made available to visitors a wide range of hardware products, both for sale and for show fully assembled and operational. Thrustmaster was one of the stars of the show, bringing their new Hotas Warthog, which was operating with the beta version of DCS A-10; in the section on non-commercial exhibitors, the French Air Force Mirage had a  simulator open to  the public.
The presence of notable speakers and ingenuity shown by anonymous amateurs made the visit to the 5 th edition of the Mondial of the Simulation quite ínteresting to visitors.

We hope that in future editions of this show we will see the new products that, today, were only announced and are under development.

Many photos from the event after the break

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