Real H2O water textures for FS2004

Sandon Lyon sent us a bunch of screenshots to let you preview his “new product called “REAL H2O ” which will be only for fs2004.” He claims that “This new water addon for fs2004 will bring a new level of realism to the sim.”

REAL H2O will be exclusively sold at simmarket.“On top of amazing  water, the product will include one complete  ultra realistic sky texture set which was specifically designed to effect the waters surface and
blend naturally in appearance.

Features will include the following in REAL H2O.

Interface which is User-friendly

Complete realistic water texture set and which give a reflective/transparent waters appearance.

Several different variations of realistic ocean wave animations choose and install.

Several different variations of reefs and ocean floor textures choose and install..

Complete set of sky textures designed specifically to work with the water textures to bring out the most realistic  true to life appearance in all phases of the day/night .
The Sky textures have been designed to look as real as possible in  every time frame of the day which will leave no desire to ever install another sky texture set.
These sky textures have been designed to look real from all altitudes .

A optional sun texture set that will realistically display the sun at dawn and sunset.

A optional evmap file that will give the appearance of self shadowing on all aircraft that have an alpha channel.
The file will bring an effect that will not only create the appearance of self shadowing ,it will also give the illusion of light reflecting on the aircrafts surface in a realistic manner.”

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  1. This looks interesting. FS4 has always been missing good looking water like FSX. Maybe this may help.

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