Tuned Night Textures for FScene – Asia arrived

FScene users can update -again and still for free- their FScene night textures in Asia.

“Ruud Faber developer of the FScene replacement ground textures for the Microsoft Flight Simulator is working on fine-tuning the Night Textures as used in FScene for FSX.”
“The patches for FScene4X USA&Canada , South America , Africa and Australia and New Zealand have been obtainable for some time already.
To-day he released the fifth patch covering Asia with 223 revised textures, again as a free download.
This is a work in progress and more patches will follow as soon as ready.
At this moment 5 patches have been released. Get the revised night textures for free at
If you are a user of TotalPack (covering all 6 continents) and you can’t wait, you can safely install these patches already now, although a bundled patch for the TotalPack will be available as soon as all continents have been covered.
FScene is widely acknowledged by flight sim enthusiasts as a captivating and subtle makeover for the default scenery of Flight Simulator. Once it’s installed you’ll wonder how you ever flew without it! The latest version now incorporates replacement textures for Flight Simulator X and 2004. The software covers a huge swathe of the planet’s surface and will transform your simulated flying in all four visual seasons. Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter (and a beautiful snowy ‘hard Winter’ season).
Because FScene4X simply replaces the default textures with a different set, it has no effect on frame rates and is fully compatible with updated mesh terrain and photographic scenery such as: Photoreal scenery, FSTerrain, FSGlobal, FSTerrain , FSGlobal, Real Scenery Airfields, World Airports, Myworld, Custom made airports, and all other addons for Autogen, Environment, Landclass etc.”

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