Exciting Simulations announce the next Space Shuttle Mission Simulator

If you couldn’t attend the I/ITSEC show where the next Space Shuttle sim was revealed, don’t worry as we’ll share here the news made public.

“The next version of the Space Shuttle Mission Simulator has been revealed at the I/ITSEC 2010 show, at the NASA STEM booth today at 09:00 ET. The official name of the next version is : Space Shuttle Mission Simulator 2 …the legacy continues…

“Among the main features listed during the announcement:

* New Earth engine: high resolution, photo-real Earth. 16 times higher
than in current version.
* High resolution clouds
* High resolution Earth at night.
* ISS interior: seamlessly “float” between the docked Shuttle and the
ISS, and inside the ISS.
* More, exciting and surprising missions.
* More “to do” in space
* Fully interactive 3D cockpit,
* More detailed GPC and gauges functionality
* Graphical enhancements and much more

Present at the show was Mr. Tim Gagnon of Titusville, Florida, who is a graphic and portrait artist with a life-long passion for Space Exploration and who has been designing patches for many STS missions and ISS expeditions – including for the upcoming STS-133. He also created the Space Shuttle Mission Simulator 2 (AKA SSMS2) patch.

His work is on display at the Kennedy Space Center, City Hall in Elmira, NY and the International Space Station.

(Sorry for the watermark – this is a copyright issue for now)

In Tim’s own words, the patch description goes like this:

“The focus of this design is the Space Shuttle on orbit. The Sun is about to set and we see the ISS and MIR in the background. In the sky the constellation Aquila (the Eagle) shines brightly. Its seven stars represent a typical seven member crew – but especially those lost on missions STS-51-L and STS-107.

Across the bottom of the border are six stars. One is blue representing Enterprise as it never left the atmosphere. The two gold stars represent the lost Shuttles, Challenger and Columbia. The three white stars are for Discovery, Atlantis and Endeavour still in service.”

And we add: the setting Sun represents the conclusion of the STS program, while the Shuttle shoots for the stars, leaving a red-white American flag colors track, pointing to KSC – the launching stage for all STS missions.

The ETA for SSMS2 is Q3/Q4, 2010. The current version of the Space Shuttle Mission Simulator(tm) is available as a CD box at PC games and computing retailers across North America and Europe, and for online purchase in downloadable format at the SSMS official website : The latest Demo can also be downloaded freely at the same website. Please check the “About” page and the downloadable manuals for more information about the simulator’s capabilities and scope.

Exciting Simulations ™ is an entertainment brand name of Simsquared Ltd. – a leading developer of professional Virtual Reality Simulation applications.”

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