FS2Crew 747 Voice Control Edition soon

There have been a Voice Control Edition missing in FS2Crew collection, for the PMDG 747, but that will be available soon.

“FS2Crew is pleased to announce that the new PMDG 747 “Voice Control” Edition is in beta testing and will be released shortly.

This is an advanced airline crew simulation that uses voice control.  Procedures are modeled on the same SOPs used by a real-world B747-400 operator.”
“This new version of FS2Crew works with the FSX and FS9 PMDG 747, Cargo and Pax models.  It comes with three human-recorded voice sets: US, UK and Eurozone.
For more information, please visit the FS2Crew forum:
All FS2Crew products are available via simMarket.”

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