JustFlight – DC-3 Legends of Flight

We all agree the DC-3 is a legend and attracts many people in actual musuem or historic flying events.

JustFlight DC-3 brings life to that Legend in FSX, with different models variants including some military and other commercial airlines liveries. Of course, the interiors and virtual cockpit are highly detailed, up to ignition systems.

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  1. As released it has a number of faults that the developers are fixing. There is also a specific soundset available from the JF website that massively improves the poor sounds as shipped.
    It would be helpful if the shop either specifically linked to that d/l or included them and told consumers that they were included.

  2. It’s not more detailed than the MAAM R4D packs, but that’s at least partially because the cockpit is “generic”, not belonging to a specific aircraft and thus allowing developers access to all the details of that aircraft. It is also FSX native with the advantages that brings.

    As Allco…sorry, Simon says, there are a few issues with this one that are being addressed by the developers. As it stands, it is perfectly usable and there’s quite an array of aircraft included, but a direct replacement for the R4D and the add-ons to that it is not. MAAM certainly still have scope for an FSX remake if or when they choose to do so.

    I have both installed and am happy to keep both there.

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