Virtualcol – Colombia Virtual Xtreme Edition 2011

A bundle package is often the opportunity to purchase various items at low cost, and it seems that Virtualcol would suggest you to get.

In Colombia Virtual Xtreme Edition 2011 for FSX and FS2004, or XP edition for X-Plane 9, you can have 40 colombian airports and cities, with animated jetways and updated navaids.

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  1. I purchased Colombia Extreme 2011 few weeks ago and I found some the scenery work is great in FSX but of 15 airports that I have reviewed there are bugs when you compared with the information on the charts from Colombia Aerocivil:
    SKTQ: Wrong runways numbers, wrong coordinates, wrong elevation
    SKPS: There are two copies of the same VOR on two different locations
    SKFL: Wrong elevation, wrong runways numbers
    SKSV: Wrong taxiways and apron material
    SKPI: It does not have apron or terminal
    SKBIB: Wrong tower view placement, has some hills inside on the airport fences
    SKQU: Wrong runway numbers, wrong apron, wrong taxi ways
    SKUI: Gates are number wrong, has no apron, wrong buildings, there is not tower, no VOR, no ILS31
    SKLC: Gates are number wrong, has no apron, wrong buildings, there is not tower, no VOR
    SKMR: Wrong VOR, wrong coordinates, wrong size of runways
    SKCH: Wrong runway numbers, wrong runway surface, no tower
    SKCZ: Wrong coordinates, wrong altitude, wrong apron, wrong VOR identification, Wrong VOR placement, wrong runways numbers
    SKCV: Wrong placement of apron at end 23 runway, wrong placement of tower view

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