HJG “Christmas Surprises” …. website Update !

It looks like you all have been good people this year so that Santa Claus has another Christmas gift to let you discover at HJG website : “It’s customery for HJG (Historic Jetliners Group) to conclude each calendar year with a major website update comprising of either an abundance of new product or a surprise new release …or sometimes both !

Christmas 2010 is no exception to this established HJG tradition.”

“HJG’s Christmas preparations, this year, began in earnest back in August, with group members, in association with other respected members of the FS community, labouring long and hard together each week to bring-on this years “HJG CHRISTMAS SURPRISE” …a major new project comprising of 9 aircraft base pack files representing a major classic jetliner from the 1970’s, in both PAX and more recent freighter configuration …supported also by 4 panel files, representing 2 distinctly different engine instrument/gauge standards and a host of other features too …accompanied also by 3 brand new and superb-quality AEROMUSICA sound files …and additionally supported by a selection of 96 different and high quality texture files/liveries, among which some of the very earliest to the most recent operators of this major classic jetliner are featured, many of which are extremly rare/lesser known examples from around the world.

For further information regarding this “CHRISTMAS SURPRISE” please view the “HJG NEWS & ANNOUNCEMENTS” forum page… at the following website address…

In addition to this “CHRITMAS SURPRISE” HJG also has pleasure releasing the following new textures for its existing inventory of classic/historic B717, B727, and DC9 jetliners for FS2004 and FSX …..

New textures for the HJG B717-200’s include…

The latest artistic variation of flowing blue livery themes applied to the newest fleet aquisitions by the Finnish feeder for a major Scandinavian airline alliance: And 2 different variations of these aircraft resplendent in the current identity of a major eastern/mid western oriented US low-cost operator …and which also concludes the latest HJG texture additions for these classic modern hi-tech aircraft.

New HJG textures for VISTALINERS B727’s include…

The early 1990’s colour scheme of a lesser known Mexican carrier; Along with 2 variations of the 1990’s livery representing the no longer existent domestic wing of a major airline from Venezuela ….both for the early production B727-100.

And for the early production B727-200 …. the lesser known early 1990’s pre-merger identity of a scheduled/charter operator from Mexico …and which concludes the latest HJG textures releases for the VL B727’s.

New textures for the HJG DC9’s include…

The attractive orange/black/white mid 1960’s colour scheme for a historic Pheonix based US carrier; 4 colourful versions of late 1960’s pre-merger liveries representing a West Coast based airline from US history; An aircraft leased by a famous Pennsylvania based US operator during 1966; The mid 1960’s identity of a historic US domestic carrier based at Washington; 3 variations of attractive period colour schemes supported by aircraft operated by a major Houston based US airline …among which includes this airlines original classic gold/black/white scheme from the mid 1960’s; The infamous yellow post-merger livery of another famous San Francisco based US operator from the 1970’s; 2 variations of 1990’s colour schemes supported by aircraft flown by the low-cost affiliate of a major Mexican carrier; And both late 1990’s and more recent liveries for a low-cost domestic airline from Mexico ….all for the PAX configured DC9-10.

And for the for PAX configured DC9-30… 4 versions of colourful late 1960’s pre-merger identities for a historic West Coast based US operator; 2 variations of 1970’s colour schemes supported by aircraft operated by a famous Pittsburg based US carrier; Both variations of the infamous historic post-merger yellow liveries supported by aircraft operated by a classic west coast based US airline during the 1970’s; And last but buy no means least of all… 3 colourful variations of identity representing a current major Houston based US operator and covering the 1970’s, 80’s, and 90’s …and which concludes HJG’s latest DC9 texture additions.

“PERFECTION AND IMPROVEMENT” are always an integral part of HJG’s commitment to FS …resulting in the following revisions/updates also being included within this particular website update…

An improved B727-200 texture featuring the 1995 identity of LASER AIRLINES from Venezuela; An enhanced texture representing the current AVENSA livery for B727-200 RE SUPER 27; And a further upgraded B727 panel gauges/core files package for the HJG/Richard PROBST B727 panel series and which results in improved GPWS callouts/advisories.

[b]”ALL THIS …AND A HECK OF A LOT MORE”…[/b] is now available for your “FREE” FS enjoyment and from the HJG website.  

HJG takes this opportunity to wish everyone a pleasant Christmas and a prosperous/successful 2011 year.


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