Microsoft Flight screenshots

You will find 6 new preview screenshots of Microsoft Flight on their official website, showing their design efforts on water, trees, Autogen and other environment visuals.

Earlier this month, developers also replied to some comments we read a lot here and there, about “simulator” dropped from the game title, the FSX similar look of preview screenshots and about the wider audience they’re trying to catch.In a few words, dropping simulator from the title doesn’t mean they’re going to make an arcade game. They will keep on doing a simulation software, just they want a straight marketing around the “flight” experience.

They explain the FSX similar look of their previous screenshots series because the developement stage is very early and think they will catch more people using Flight by improving the user interface and the software performance on actual machines.

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  1. “think they will catch more people using Flight by improving the user interface and the software performance on actual machines.”

    They better do, AND improve graphics. It took me quite some handful of Euros to pimp up my rig, so that FSX is now running fluently with maxed graphics, and some high-def addons.
    I would only change from FSX if the performance would be better from the beginning, and if I have that distinctive “wow-effect” considering graphics quality.

  2. Visualy, this is FSX with a new set of ground textures 🙂

    Add-ons today render FSX much better than these screens of Flight

    I think if it wasn’t close to the final look, FSX would not post it online…

    No matter how they will fiddle with the UI and User Experience (they tried this in previous versions), I believe the graphic engine of the sim is the same… Optimized for more GPU usage I hope!


  3. They knew that if they didn’t do this, someone else would develop a sim that would surpass FSX with a lot less hassle.

  4. Heres the passage…

    Microsoft: Makes a wonderful anouncement for MS Flight.
    Response: Thinks name change makes it arcade game and is not interested.

    Microsoft: Posts first videos to market flight and launches website, days after anouncement.
    Response: Thats all pre-render show me something real!

    Microsoft: Posts real screenshots this time and has to explain name change.
    Response: Thats just like FSX, they better improve ground textures, its rubbish.

    Microsoft: Addresses name change again and explains commitment to simulation, performance and wider appeal.
    Response: Graphics now where near like addons, it will be slow slow slow and looks the same as FSX…

    Microsoft: Posts screen shots showing genuine improvement with some neat visual affects.
    Response: Pictures are rubbish, thats just FSX with improved textures! Better addons exist than this lot.

    blaa blaa blaa…

    What do Microsoft have to do to impress you guys, it just makes me sick.

    As as for this quote…

    “They knew that if they didn’t do this, someone else would develop a sim that would surpass FSX with a lot less hassle.”

    Yeah right, like coding something like FSX is easy! Several companies have tried and not to many are still in business. X-plane stands alone as a genuine competitor especially now portable conversions have provided some sales, hence funds at last to build a more complete development team, but to the dedicated few individuals, to get this product this far has been nothing short of extraordinary.

    You just can’t knock up a Flight Simulator to surpass FSX with no hassle, it just won’t happen, so we should all be very glad that we have some fine products on our shelves and with the promise of more on the horizon.

    Edited by Ian P: Dave – you’re welcome to your opinion and a lot of people may or may not agree with you, but personal attacks on other posters aren’t going to be left up. You can make your case just as well without them, so leave them off in future, please.

  5. Perhaps I should clarify my last post. My comment was: “with a lot less hassle.” What I meant by that is that a new program will be developed at some point without the performance problems that plagued FSX when it was released. Now, Microsoft has taken a somewhat different approach using the experience of FSX to create a new program (sim) that hopefully will not have the out-of-box problems that FSX had. Many of us are still using FS9 because of those problems. I have a copy of FSX Deluxe. However, it still sits on my computer desk shelf because I have older hardware that will not run FSX to the performance level that I would like. So, I’ll wait for the next product from Game Studios to see what that offering will entail. Perhaps by then, I will actually be able to afford a hardware upgrade!

  6. Well i cant say the latest screens of ‘Flight’ look much to get excited about…either these are very very early beta shots thrown together or this is NOT very promising!..the sea look no better than FSX, the terrain is rubbish, topography looks poor and very low mesh, its very hard to see ,many if any improvements from these type of shots, i mean even the trees look artificial!, like some cheap FSX diy addon you see…

    Now take other sims like ‘wings of prey’ or lockon series etc and see how the terrain blends realistically with the tree colour…in fact take any landscape and you will notice tree colour very often is only a few shades different than the surrounding other greenery areas (not including non foliaged areas of course!)…but this pic shows VERY contrasty dark green trees on very light green terrain! Ughhh!…not the best sort of shot to release when your trying to encourage the fsim community…plus where are the clouds?….these need to be REX quality but true 3D….Hopefully all these issues will be sorted, but Microsoft needs to satisfy many issues and demands from the fsim community or i fear this new ‘GAME/Sim’ whatever they are calling it will be a flop!….and so far these sort of shots dont make me sit up and go WOW!….

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