FSMP — Advanced FSX-2 Server

You don’t have to subscribe to a famous online network for FS pilots, or to respect aviation strict rules. Other servers are also opened more dedicated for fun, to fly with other international pilots or with your friends. The following introduces one of them : FSMP.

“Just in time for the start of 2011, FSMP, is pleased to announce the official launch of their new enhanced “Multiplayer FSX-2 server”. Online, 365/24/7, this new FSX-2 Multiplayer server is open to all with FSX SP2 or Acceleration, from early teens, to retirement.”

“The new FSX-2 server, which can easily handle 99 concurrent players, offers many advanced feature, not found on other dedicated FSX servers. These features include both Gamespy or Private Direct Connection, support for Multiple Controllers at Multiple Airports and Centers, extensive two-way communication with the Server’s AI BOT via the chat box, private messaging, private and broadcast audio messages from the server, and chat box text and audio help for both pilots and controllers. “Line of Sight” Radio Range control, allows the use of real world frequencies, without interference between airports using the same ground or clearance frequencies. FSX’s Shared Cockpit is also fully supported.

In addition, all advanced server features are “server side”, which means that there is no additional software for players to download and install.

The server supports its own website, ( that is dynamically updated with information from the server, including a Google Map display of aircraft positions, filed flight plans, registered controllers and their Frequencies and positions, as well as information about all aircraft in the session. (

See full press release at

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