LiVEinFSX Corfu Preview Video

Can somebody explain us why a greek scenery always call our interest ? I would say it’s because you’re interested either in resort, the blue sea, mountains or paradisiac islands ! Let me transfer you news and video about Corfu in FSX.

“LiVEinFSX team is getting ready for their next release for this spring/summer season to complement the previously released Corfu Island project (available from simMarket)”.

“Users of Corfu Island will first receive a free upgraded texture pack for Corfu which will be seamlessly integrated with the newest Corfu LGKR scenery.

The team is currently in production of Corfu International Airport Ioannis Kapodistrias Airport (LGKR) and the surrounding area. A small early preview showing some of the ground texture development is shown here :”

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