FS Magazin 2/2011

Listen to your teachers at school when they strongly suggest you to learn German. Because if you don’t, you can’t read your FS Magazin issue, only available in Goethe’s language.

But if you do, you should appreciate the following summary.

FS MAGAZIN 2/2011 will be available from Thursday, February 3rd, on with this contence – here an excerpt:

News Flashes
– Upcomming events, news for FS 2004, FS X and X-Plane

– Airport with trade fair: German Airports 1 Stuttgart
– Bern-Belp X
– Back to the Roots: Fly Tampa rebooted

– Good looking Maddog: F-Lite MD-81/82 Jetliner
– Historical Airliner: 707 Captain
– Formation flight over the Axalp: Patrouille Suisse X-tension
– Orbx enters the skies: Lancair IV-P
– Bonanza V35B

– High season for pc pilots: FS-Weekends in The Netherlands and Swiss

– Battle of the HOTAS challengers: Logitech G940 und Saitek X65F

– Pathfinder for X-Plane: X-FMC

And there is a lot more to read with this new issue of FS MAGAZIN – have fun reading!

Very important: The lottery commemorating the fifth anniversary of FS MAGAZIN – have a look at FS MAGAZIN 1/2011 – has been extendet until February 15th, 2011: Take part and get one of the lots of precious prizes…

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