Bajasim’s SJD for FSX preview


A few days ago, you may have seen the first release of Bajasim released for FS2004. In South California, Los Cabos Intl has been modeled with interesting 3D models and nice looking textures.

Now announcing the FSX version in development, Bajasim uploaded the above video to showcase their textures effects and resolution.

“We are proud to show you a little preview of the upcoming quality on SJD (Los Cabos intl airport) scenery for FSX.

While we were doing the FS9 scenery conversion to FSX we decided to take the best and rebuild a lot of things from scratch to made it compatible with bump maps, specular reflections and many things that make FSX unique, so it will not be just a plain adaption it will be a FSX native scenery!!

We have uploaded some screenshots and a short videoclip at

FSX version is in development and will be available in few days and it will be FREE for SJD FS9 version registered owners!!!”

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