The SportCruiser is now on sale!

Announced first in July 2010, the PiperSport SportCruiser has finally been released by JustFlight in the Flying Club collection.

Different flight experiences are possible due to the 3 three cockpit variants included (glass panel, analogue panel with Garmin GPS, basic VFR panel).

The SportCruiser for FSX is the latest arrival in the Flying Club hangar, and this ultralight two-seater is on sale now by Download, priced at £15.30 / €19.35 / $22.45.

The SportCruiser is provided in ten variants and gives you three different panel options – the Dynon glass panel featuring a Dynon EFIS-D100, Dynon EMS-D120 and AP74 autopilot, an analogue 6 pack panel featuring the standard six primary instruments as well as a Garmin GPS unit and a Garmin CDI-106, and a Basic VFR panel with an airspeed indicator, altimeter and turn co-ordinator.

The animations include the fully functioning BRS (Ballistic Recovery System) – if you ever get into real trouble in the air, you can trigger a rocket in the fuselage which will deploy a parachute to get you safely back to terra firma!

The SportCruiser software is accompanied by a 56-page PDF manual complete with flight tutorial.

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