VATSIM Germany Event Stuttgart FlexOPS

On next Saturday 9th April, set your aircraft position or destination to Stuttgart, Germany and connect to VATSIM.

FlexOPS event will open flights slots you can book for optimum traffic. Read further details.


With Stuttgart FlexOPS we would to present you a new type of event: YOU, pilots, determine the duration of the event and the amount of traffic.

But how does it work?

It is quite simple: The duration of the event will initially be 2 hours, which will represent a basic duration. Within these 2 hours you will be able too book slots for a flight from or to Stuttgart.
As soon as a saturation of 75% has been reached, the duration will automatically extend accordingly as long as 75% of the available slots are booked.
This way a dense traffic situation is guaranteed while still preventing unmanageable masses as the events is based on slots. We are thus able to provide you with realistic traffic levels and enjoyment in Stuttgart.

In brief:
-The concept: An event based on slots and with a constant level of traffic
-Saturday 9th April 2011
-Starting at 17.00z and extending dynamically

Slot booking, routes, sceneries, and additional information can be found on our event homepage with a booking function:

We are looking forward to your visit!

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