Airbus Series Evolution

This Evolution pack has new features included by Eric Marciano, FeelThere and Reality-XP like a weather radar, HUD, SID/STAR management, and better simulated systems and displays informations.

It’s now available for download, read the further official announcement.

Highlights :
· Complete Airbus simulation, from the short A318 to the long-haul A340-600
· Advanced Weather Radar powered by RealityXP
· Head Up Display to land in any visibility conditions
· Major navigation and systems improvements
· For Microsoft Flight Simulator X / 2004

Airbus Series Evolution Vol.1 & Vol.2 – download versions – are now available.

CD-Rom version will hit the shelves in May 2011.

0 Responses

  1. Unfortunately,the further official announcement is an empty marketing paper.Especially for people who just want to upgrade the original Airbus 1 and 2.The video is just about the cabins of poor interest for the everyday use.If you decide to buy you will be confronted with an astonishing illegible shop interface still worst than the rest of the site.

  2. I’m not a fan of Wilco’s new website, but it took me three whole clicks to get from the front page to the product information about the “Evolution” functionality.

    To save you the hassle, the direct link to the combined 1 & 2 pack is here:

    It’s mainly the third-party package that had already been developed and was being sold separately, with some more additonal extras such as the weather radar, sold by Wilco as an all-in-one update. Therefore it doesn’t fix the bug in the original pack that annoys me the most, but does add a lot more systems functionality.

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