Mutley’s Hangar Announce the Great UK Air Race!

Have you a GA aircraft parked and ready to fly ? If not, hurry up to get yours in the warehouse to enter the Mutleys’ Easter Bunny Air Rally 2011.

After a free subscription, you will have 4 flight reports to submit, done over the South coast of England and Wales.. and if they are made in a time closest to a reference time for their aircraft, you may win prizes.


“Joe Lawford the owner of Mutley’s Hangar has announced the launch of the Great UK Air Race! Also known as  MEBAR – Mutleys’ Easter Bunny Air Rally 2011.

This event forms part of the wider Global event initiated by Bluegrass Airlines who have already completed the first in the series The Great Australian Air Rally (GAAR)

This event is based around the south coast of England, briefly venturing into the Channel Islands, Isles of Scilly, Wales then back to the home of Mutley’s Hangar, EGHI Southampton aka Mutley Field.

The event tests the piloting skills of the GA pilot to complete a suite of 4 flights in a time closest to a reference time for their aircraft. The cunning thing is, the pilot is not advised of his target time but will be judged against a formulation based on a test flight time they submitted as part of their registration for the event. Registration is free, this is a non-profit making event.

The event is planned to run over the Easter weekend with registrations closing on 23:59 UTC Good Friday 22 April 2011.  For anyone going away for the Easter weekend there is plenty of time to fly the 4 flights the following week and still submit PIREPs within the time frame.

Due to generous sponsorship from DC-2 UIVER project and Earth Simulations there will be a raffle of prizes for all pilots completing the the 4 flights. Also, a special prize for best FS9 screen shot and best FSX screen shot posted in the dedicated MEBAR forums hosted on Mutleys’ Hangar.

To see what all the fuss is about go to”

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