Drubair real time flight tracker

Aleix Casagolda would like to introduce its free flight tracker, Drubair.

Made to work online only, the web service starts as an open beta, looking for pilot’s tests and suggestions.

“The main difference against other trackers is that it’s web based. When a pilot starts a flight, it can be tracked in real time through the web (and can be shared in social networks, for example). At this time, it gives the route using google maps and an altitude chart.

Apart from tracking flights, it’s a pilot logbook too as all flights are stored and can be viewed at any time.

My idea is that if pilots find it useful, I would like to add more functionality according to pilot’s reviews […]. At this time I’ve started an open beta phase so everybody can register. Of course, it’s free.

Thank you very much.

Website url:”

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