Infinite Flight – Flight Simulator for Windows Phone 7

“Even for your Windows Mobile phone version 7, there is a flight simulator.
Named Infinite Flight, find their press release belown, and a demo video on YouTube.
“We’re proud to announce we’ve finally shipped our second and biggest game for Windows Phone 7!
“Infinite Flight” is the first Flight Simulator for Windows Phone 7 and it is now available in the marketplace!
Here’s a list of what version 1.0 has to offer:
– Cessna 172SP Trainer Aircraft (More to come!)
- 15 Airports in the San Francisco Bay Area
- Realistic Flight Model
- Interactive Flight Lessons
- Autopilot (Altitude and Heading)
- 4 time presets (Sunrise, Day, Sunset and Night)
- Weather settings: Wind direction and intensity, visibility…
- Yoke helper for easy handling of the airplane
- Final Approach Path Display to help with landings
- Realistic sounds
- 5 Camera Modes
- Runway lights
- Automatic Logbook (entries added for each flight)
- Leaderboards
- Achievements
We’re eager for feedback so do not hesitate to contact us with comments, ideas, feature requests…
If you want to stay updated, follow us on twitter at @flyingdevstudio for more updates, or “Like” the Infinite Flight’s Facebook Page!
We can also be reached at
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