Inquisitive Graphics — FS Kneeboard (iPad/iPhone)

In the jungle of the flight simulation related Apps for iOS, there is FS Kneeboard for iPad and iPhone, published by Inquisitive Graphics.

Its last version update enables to view charts or any other web content that a virtual airline or other groupment has packaged and uploaded on a website. The FS Kneeboard user can download the file, place it into the app, and view the content.

Inquisitive Graphics is happy to announce a new feature recently added to FS Kneeboard for iPad now available in version 1.38.

My Charts is a tab that allows users to create sets of information, such as charts, checklists, manuals or documents to be viewed in the app via an internet connection.

For example, a VATSIM FIR or ARTCC could create one of these sets for all the charts in their airspace, then place the file on their website. FS Kneeboard users could then download the file, place it into FS Kneeboard and view them.

This could be used for more than just charts as well. For example a virtual airline could make a chart set for a certain route, region or event. This chart set could include charts as well as flight manuals, time tables or just about any other type of web content too.

“This has the potential to be one of FS Kneeboard’s best features,” said FS Kneeboard Developer Noah Bryant. “Imagine having your entire virtual airline’s flight manuals, training documents and airport charts all on your iPad.”

This is a great feature that will be as great as people make it. The more these chart sets get used and distributed by the FS Community the better it will be.

More information about creating the files can be found at

FS Kneeboard for iPad was the first iPad app designed for flight simulation and can be found on the App Store in iTunes. Inquisitive Graphics also publishes an iPhone version of FS Kneeboard (which does not yet have this feature), as well as three other Aviation related iOS apps called Premiere IFR, Premiere Charts and Descent Calc.

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