Patch for Yak-40 X-Plane

The Felis Team updated their Yak-40 for X-Plane.

They fixed the autopilot, added the anti-icing system, and the complete features list can be read below.

  • new flight dynamics.
  • engines tuned
  • autopilot tuned. now more precise with altitude hold
  • added new modes for nav system
  • added new option for brakes
  • added new option for nav system
  • changed logic for reverse switcher. now it have three positions
  • new startup logic. now engine’s covers may cause a fire
  • now full mode of de-frost system causes a little loss of engine’s power
  • new version of SASL plugin added
  • new sounds for marker beacons
  • new default position of ADF selectors. now left ADF switched to outer, right — to inner beacon
  • new manuals with all new features in it
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