Marshall Islands – PacSim New Product selling at simmarket

Marshall Islands has been finally released by Pacific Islands Sim after three previews with high quality screenshots.

It’s now your turn to enjoy these paradisiac islands, start from here.

“Ever wanted to fly or take a well deserved vacation in the Pacific Islands region but can’t afford it in real life. Well, now you can, at least in FSX. Pacific Islands Simulation has just released the exotic islands and atolls of the Marshall Islands. As is typical of Pacific Islands Simulation, you get more airports (in this case 8) to explore in one package for a single price.

Arrive on a Boeing 747, Airbus A340 or regional commuter and land on a very thin sliver of land call Majuro Atolls. Marshall Islands International is one of aviation’s fascinating airport wonders. Its 8,000ft runway straddles just over 500ft wide lime-coral piece of land that divides north-south rough seas of the vast Pacific ocean. Not only is the runway width slim, but arrive 10 hours from anywhere and you’d find yourself challenged by constant cross-wind and unpredictable monsoon-type weather.

Product can be found here.”

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