Quality Simulations – Vehicle Simulator

Vehicle Simulator has various engines to let you fly, soar, sail..

In the long features list, you can find an included 3D scenery editor or even air flow visualisation to make you learn how to soar efficiently.

Ilan Papini wrote :

“A powerful new version of Vehicle Simulator has been released today,
making it an excellent flight simulator as well as an excellent naval simulator.

In additon to being a fun and accurate flight simulator, the program offers some unique features for creative users for making their own planes and scenery, and simulating elaborate situations for them.

Such features include :

Powerful built in airplane and boat design.
Powerful built in scenery design.
Interactive scripting language for vehicles and scenery.
Fun AI for for planes and other types of vehicles, allowing automatic take off and landing, dogfights and more.
Fast prototyping tool for creating planes quickly, and learning the influence of each component by trial and error.

The demo of this new version can downloaded from:

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